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BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2): LOKI-6A9

Ethereum: 0xd1e2d5085b39b80c9948aeb1b9aa83af6756bcc5

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Thẻ PoS, DeFi, Privacy, Masternodes

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What is Oxen (OXEN)?

Oxen (formerly known as LOKI) is a privacy tech project with a mission. It’s a private cryptocurrency with instant transactions. An enormous and powerful PoS network. A secure messaging platform. A network anonymity layer. Tools to build a more private future for the Internet — all on blockchain.

Our vision is to provide a range of tools and services powered by the OXEN coin, enabling users and developers all over the world to leverage the power of our decentralised blockchain network to achieve unparalleled privacy and security as they work, play, and live their day-to-day lives on the internet. And this isn’t just an empty vision — we've put in the hard yards and spent years building these technologies to make our vision a reality.

The Oxen privacy stack includes:

* Session, a fully anonymous, totally decentralised encrypted messaging platform
* Lokinet, a powerful low-latency onion router
* Oxen Name System (ONS), a registration system that allows users to provably burn OXEN to purchase temporary or permanent usernames for Session (and Oxen wallets), and domain names for Lokinet services

The Oxen coin is used for:
* Staking to run Oxen Service Nodes
* Purchasing name registrations for Lokinet (our onion router) and Session (our private messenger)
* Transferring value through instant, private transactions with our revolutionary Blink transaction tech

How much OXEN is in circulation?

Oxen emissions have been adjusted downwards over time, and now sit at 16.5 OXEN per block. The Oxen blockchain has a 2-minute block time, meaning 11,800 OXEN is created per day. An aggressive coin burning strategy (OXEN is burned through transaction fees, ONS name registrations, and other interactions with the blockchain) and a high coin lockup ratio (as of March 2021, 42.7% of OXEN’s circulating supply is staked to run Oxen Service Nodes) help to drive positive price action.

Who are Oxen’s founders?

Oxen and its subsidiary projects are the brainchild of the founding Oxen team: Simon Harman (CEO), Kee Jeffreys (CTO), Christopher McCabe (COO), and Josh Jessop-Smith (CMO). Oxen’s founders met at the Melbourne Blockchain Center in 2017, and through their shared passion for privacy tech and belief in the potential of blockchain, Simon, Kee, Chris, and Josh began building the project now known as Oxen.

Where can I buy OXEN?

OXEN is available for purchase and trade on a growing number of exchanges, with both BTC and stablecoin pairs currently available.

Kucoin offers BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs. Bittrex offers BTC and USDT pairs, and TradeOgre offers a BTC pair. OXEN also offers a wrapped ERC20 token, wOXEN, which is available on UniSwap. OXEN and wOXEN can be swapped 1:1 using the wOXEN bridge.

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