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Elitium (EUM)Elitium EUM
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What is Elitium?

The Elitium platform lets you invest in digital assets and generate yields in a simple, compliant, and secure way.

The platform offers a basket of products, including decentralized finance (DeFi) savings plans, cryptocurrency staking, Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining services, and a dedicated NFT marketplace.

In short – you can use Elitium to earn yields on:

- Paxos Gold (PAXG)

- DUS Dollar, British Pound, or Euro (stablecoin) savings plan

- Stake Elitium's native cryptocurrency (EUM) and earn rewards

Elitium also co-hosts NFT BAZL, an NFT art exhibition in Miami and Dubai, with further events planned every quarter. Ultimately, Elitium wants to unite investors from across the world to have a positive global impact as one. 

For more information – visit: www.elitium.io

To preview the platform – click here: preview.elitium.io/dashboard

To create your account – visit www.elitium.io/apply/

Who are the founders of Elitium?

Elitium was founded by Raoul Milhado, Jean-Pierre Morand, and Collin Gelevert.

Raoul met Jean-Pierre in his hometown Amsterdam in 2016, initially exploring how to bring crypto-payments into the world of luxury.

As their ambitions grew, Raoul and 'JP' recognized the need for additional legal and financial expertise, onboarding Collin as the third co-founder.

Prior to Elitium, Raoul founded and exited a venture in digital marketing. He's remained a driven entrepreneur since his early professional years, ultimately spearheading Boatsters' move into crypto before becoming Elitium CEO.

Jean-Pierre Morand is a developer who's spent a lifetime involved in frontier tech, having helped bring the internet to France in 1998. He has extensive expertise in cyber security and, in 2013, applied his knowledge to blockchain before co-founding Elitium as CTO.

Collin Gelevert has worked in global businesses since the 80s, leveraging his financial expertise to set the legal and compliance strategy of Elitium in his role as Chairman and CFO.

What makes Elitium unique?

Elitium brings together a variety of blockchain investments in one simple-to-use platform, eliminating the complexity and security concerns of building and managing a diversified digital asset portfolio.

Elitium makes it easy for investors to access digital assets and grow their wealth in a simple, compliant, and secure way. Thanks to the efficiency of its technology, investors can save time managing their wealth while generating higher returns on a more sustainable basis than via traditional means. 

Thanks to its robust network of private investors (including crypto trading expert 'The Wolf of All Streets' Scott Melker and merchant bank GDA Capital), Elitium has never held an ICO. 

Instead, the team has used private funding to develop the platform's product portfolio in a sustainable way.

Read more about the private investments here:

What is Elitium's mission?

Elitium is building a world in which value investors can grow wealth and have a global impact as one.

The platform aims to bridge traditional finance and the blockchain, enabling clients to invest in digital assets and manage their portfolios in a trusted, compliant, and secure way. 

Ultimately, the team aims to harness affluence and technology to transform economies worldwide.

How does Elitium ensure client security?

EUM is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This means the platform benefits from the inherent security of Ethereum itself. And Elitium uses three further strategies to keep client funds secure.

1. In-house technology: Elitium developed its technology from scratch, ensuring the platform only uses trustworthy smart contracts when locking assets into DeFi pools. The setup reduces reliance on third-party protocols, which mitigates the risk of hacks, unexpected failures, and price manipulation.

1. Extensive due diligence: Where Elitium uses third-party services, the platform only does so after extensive research. The process includes strict quality controls, meaning the platform only interacts with established models that have a proven track record.

2. Comprehensive insurance: Elitium also offers full insurance coverage with policies from Nexus Mutual, Union, and inSure insulating client funds spectrum of potential threats.

The above is on top of an industry-leading custody solution managed by AMDAX, the Netherlands' first crypto asset manager registered with the Dutch Central Bank and Elitium's official custody partner.

The setup ensures clients benefit from a state-of-the-art cold wallet infrastructure that means all deposited funds sit in a vault-like storage solution. Clients can also add other security layers (including 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and address whitelists), further enhancing the protection.

What is the EUM token's utility?

Elitium's native cryptocurrency EUM acts as the platform's fuel. 

Elitium uses it to settle fees – while the token powers several products (including the staking and DeFi plans).

If clients hold EUM, you receive exclusive perks and, if you spend EUM on the Elitium card, you can get up to 1% cashback on everything you buy.

Here are the five core token utilities:

1\. Boosted APY

If you opt in to receive EUM as part of your DeFi payouts, Elitium boosts the APY on your USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, and PAXG savings plan.

2\. Staking Rewards

You can stake EUM with Elitium and earn up to 14% APY if locked for 36 months (or you can operate a masternode for up to 28% APY).

3\. Send Money For Free

You can send any available currency to other Elitium accounts for free, and the money will arrive instantly.

4\. Cloud Mining

You can pay for a share of Elitium's mining rig space and earn a percentage of the platform's Bitcoin and Ethereum mining rewards.

5\. Early-Bird Investments

The Elitium platform includes tokenized offerings, NFTs, and airdrops --- and EUM holders get early access (with discounted fees when you pay in EUM).


Beyond these five core utilities, EUM offers several further benefits.

Token holders get priority access to quarterly events such as NFT BAZL, where the team curates both physical and digital artworks in a one-of-a-kind exhibition.

Elitium clients can spend EUM worldwide on the Elitium Card and earn up to 1% cashback (paid in your local currency, EUM, even gold).

And as part of the company's IVI investing model, Elitium promises to match your charitable contributions, meaning if you top up your DeFi yields with EUM and opt into the IVI program:

- 1% of the program's yield goes to charity

- You contribute 0.5%, and Elitium matches your donation

That way, Elitium can work with its clients to generate a co-managed charitable pool – with all contributors getting to vote on how Elitium distributes the funds.

Where can you buy EUM?

If you want to trade EUM, you can buy and sell the token on Bitmart (the exchange will also auto-stake your balance, paying up to 7.5% annual EUM rewards).

Elitium is also available to buy in the Elitium app and on several other exchanges (including STEX and FatBTC). And Elitium plans to list EUM on a new exchange every month.
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