Tiền ảo: 22,000 Sàn giao dịch: 530 Vốn hóa: $854,354,082,382 Khối lượng (24h): $32,093,323,336 Thị phần: BTC: 38.6%, ETH: 18.1%
Cometh (MUST)Cometh MUST
Xếp hạng #7320 13:43:00 10/12/2022
Giá Cometh (MUST)
$9.40 -0.56%
0.0005477 BTC 229,159 VND
Thấp: $9.35 Cao: $9.62
Vốn hóa thị trường - Khối lượng 24h $4.10 Lượng cung lưu hành -
Thay đổi 1h -0.42% Thay đổi 24h -0.56% Thay đổi 7 ngày -7.35%

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Ethereum: 0x9c78ee466d6cb57a4d01fd887d2b5dfb2d46288f

Polygon: 0x9c78ee466d6cb57a4d01fd887d2b5dfb2d46288f

Ngày thêm vào danh sách 07:00:00 20/01/2021
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Số liệu thống kê Cometh (MUST)

Giá Cometh (MUST) hôm nay
Giá Cometh (MUST) $9.40
Dao động 1 giờ -0.42%
Dao động 24 giờ -0.56%
Dao động 7 ngày -7.35%
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất (24h) $9.34 / $9.62
Khối lượng giao dịch 24 giờ $4.10
Vốn hóa -
Xếp hạng #7320
Giá Cometh (MUST) hôm qua
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất hôm qua $9.36 / $9.62
Giá Mở / Đóng hôm qua $9.51 / $9.38
Dao động giá hôm qua -1.43%
Khối lượng giao dịch hôm qua $1.04
Nguồn cung Cometh (MUST)
Tổng MUST đang lưu hành
Tổng cung
Tổng cung tối đa 1,000,000 MUST
Lịch sử giá Cometh (MUST)
Giá Thấp / Cao 7 ngày $9.06 / $10.08
Giá Thấp / Cao 30 ngày $8.95 / $11.23
Giá Thấp / Cao 90 ngày $8.94 / $13.77
Giá Thấp / Cao 52 tuần $7.74 / $104,124,069
Giá cao nhất lịch sử
19:44:00 19/01/2022
Giá thấp nhất lịch sử
12:33:00 15/06/2022
Launched in 16/01/2021, Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem to create a persistent and sustainable outer space. All the core features of the Ethereum blockchain play a role in Cometh which also leverages an Optimistic Rollup layer 2 scaling solution.

Cometh is a game: as a player you control spaceships (sometimes called astrominers) orbiting
around giant stars and your goal is to position yourself close to the asteroids (smart asteroids)
passing by. When you are close enough, you mine tokens from that asteroid. In order to better
position yourself, as spaceship can be pulled towards other spaceships by paying a fee to them.
You can also play around with the fee you are asking and try to leverage your strategic position
in outer space.

What are smart asteroids?

Smart asteroids are smart contracts representing asteroids in the game. In compliance to Kepler’s 1st law, the smart asteroids have an elliptical trajectory around the star. The parameters of the trajectory of a smart asteroid are drawn at random from the block hash in which the asteroid appears.

How are smart asteroids generated?

The creation of new smart asteroids is a decentralized process left to the Cometh Generator. The Cometh Generator is a smart contract that can collect all sorts of ethereum based assets like ERC20 tokens (including liquidity pool shares of a decentralized exchange) and Ether. Once a threshold of accumulated token is reached, anyone can call the Cometh Generator and trigger the deployment of a new smart asteroid.
The accumulation of valuable tokens on the Cometh Generator takes advantage of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem to achieve a sustainable rhythm of new smart asteroid deployments.

What are the spaceships in Cometh?

Spaceships are vessels capable of mining smart asteroids. On the blockchain, spaceships are Non-Fungible Tokens based on the standards ERC721 and ERC1155. The spaceships have a circle trajectory around the sun. The initial parameters of a spaceships trajectory are drawn at random from the block hash in which it was created. A spaceship can be pulled in space towards another spaceship in order to get closer to a smart asteroid.
Spaceships can be upgraded with other NFTs such as better drilling tools, engines or crew members that have effects of the spaceship abilities in the game.

What is the MUST?

The MUST is the ERC20 token that fuels Cometh’s economics:
When at rest the MUST lets the players earn new game assets;
Pulling service of a spaceship has a price expressed MUST and chosen by the spaceship’s owner. By default, all spaceships start with a pull service price of 0.001 MUST;
When acquiring an spaceships from the Cometh protocol, the owner receives a portion of the spaceships price in MUST to kickstart the player’s activity in the game;

The MUST has a limited supply of 1,000,000 units, it is a commodity in Cometh. Consequently the Cometh protocol leverages a smart-contract called the TUBE to stores the MUST of the players while also putting it at work.

What is the TUBE?

The MUST is fairly distributed to the players and Cometh’s contributor through the TUBE. This smart-contract facilitates several in-game mechanisms:

NFT Farming: MUST stored in the TUBE let the players unlock perks, upgrades and rare spaceships the players can freely use or transfer;

MUST tokens locked overtime in the TUBE create DUST counters the players can redeem new NFT against.
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