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Collector Coin (AGS)Collector Coin AGS
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Ethereum: 0x667fd83e24ca1d935d36717d305d54fa0cac991c

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x73ffdf2d2afb3def5b10bf967da743f2306a51db

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What Is Collector Coin

Trading memorabilia can be tedious in case the buyer or seller is not in the same country and the currency conversion and transaction fee can be as much as 15%. There is no universal currency that helps collectors buy and sell seamlessly & economically across borders. As the collecting industry will grow, the industry will witness a massive upsurge in borderless trading, and the transaction costs, compliance, and tediousness of transactions will amplify. Also, here is no notable database that the hobbyists can access that verifies ownership, pricing, correct grading, or any other valuable information to make the right decisions to buy or sell, unlike the stock market industry. Collector Coin will resolve all of the above.

Collector Coin is a new currency designed to standardize buying, selling and trading collectibles. It helps with creating transparency and connectivity for the collectibles market, including AI grading, real-time pricing and no-fee trade. In the collectible market, the most important thing is proving the authenticity and verifying ownership. Smart contracts on the blockchain give the ability to authenticate and prove ownership. The Collector Coin will help scale and bring transparency to the collectibles market.

Collector Coin is the native utility token will be used for:
* Fees for buying, selling and trading collectibles
* Validating a collectible card on the blockchain for its authenticity
* Rewarding users to grade and train the UI

How Many Coins Are There in Circulation?

PRESENT 100m | EACH YEAR 100m | 10 YEARS 1B

Below is the Economics of the project:

20% FOUNDING TEAM: Given to original founders and team, vested over 10 years. Lockup period of 3 years and max sale of 25% of total holdings per year. Held by AGS Inc, which is owned by Wooter Labs.
15% INVESTORS & TOKEN BUYERS: Given to new investors of AGS Inc. and token buyers from public exchanges, such as Binance and Pancake Swap. Provide liquidity for pools.
25% USERS - AGS APP: Awarded for contributing to the AGS database. The goal is to build an open-sourced database of every collectible in the world, verified by users. Given out over 10 years.
25% USERS - ROBOGRADING: Reward Users of RoboGradingAwarded for using our paid, professional-grading service RoboGrading. The mission is to create fully-automated AI grading system, with affordable costs and instant turnaround times. Given out over 10 years.
15% RESERVE: Our treasury funds will be used to grow the Collector Coin economy. Can also be given to developers and employees of the Collector Coin Foundation, which is a non-profit organization solely created to build and scale Collector Coin. The reserve can be spent by the original founders and board of directors as needed. Max spend of 50% of total holdings in reserve per year, starting the 2nd year.

Who Are the Founders of Collector Coin?

The founders of Collector Coin are Alex Aleksandrovski, Michael Isakov, Alexander Kagan, Carlos Morales and David Kleyman.

They all went to the same school and are successfully running businesses like Wooter Apparel and CovCare for many years This project now employs more than 80 staff, including developers, operations, logistics, marketing experts.

One of the founders Carlos was one of the first employees and full-stack developer for Tuenti, the Facebook of Spain, which had 12M+ users and sold for $120M+ to Telefonica.

Another Founder, Alex Kagan, Alex founded a high-frequency bitcoin trading company in 2014, years before crypto investing became mainstream and has a $750k+ in AUM.

All founders have a wide range and years of experience in the Collectible Universe understanding the limitations and potential of the $370 billion collectible market.

Where Can I Buy Collector Coin?

Collector Coin is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges like PancakeSwap and Uniswap.


Pancake Swap:

It can also be swapped with the help of MetaMask Wallet

What Makes Collector Coin Unique?

Unlike a meme coin like Shiba Inu or Doge Coin, Collector Coin has a real utility
There is no currency that is associated to trading collectibles considering there are numerous global transactions for the same that involve traditional money with high transaction fee. Collector Coin will allow low fee transactions for the trading of collectibles
It allows verification of assets like trading cards on the blockchain ensuring their authenticity
It is backed by a AGS Inc – An AI grading company that is religionizing grading and tying it to the coin in the form of rewards, buying and selling of collectibles. 25% of the profits of AGS Inc will be pumped back to Collector Coin increasing the liquidity every year outside of investors and holders. Making this coin highly stable.

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How Is the Collector Coin secure?

Collector Coin is built on the best blockchain technology: The Binance Smart Chain. The track record of BSC clean of incidents or hacks shows that there are no known vulnerabilities or attack vectors that could be abused on the blockchain itself.

BSC-ETH Bridge

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