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Ethereum: 0x57b59f981730c6257dF57cF6F0D98283749A9Eeb

BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x83b27De2Fca046FA63a11C7Ce7743DE33Ec58822

Fantom: 0xa6097a4DbEF3EB44c50bad6286a5ED2bc4418AA2

Polygon: 0xe94845Ac6782A2E71C407ABe4D5201445C26a62B

Avalanche C-Chain: 0x5f018e73C185aB23647c82bD039e762813877f0e

Optimism: 0xe4dE4B87345815C71aa843ea4841bCdc682637bb

Cronos: 0x6467df17771AB26D1825bF0891b3c421D92EBC1d

Dogechain: 0x2f1b1662A895C6Ba01a99DcAf56778E7d77e5609

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Thẻ Optimism Ecosystem

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Giá cao nhất lịch sử
00:59:00 08/08/2022
Giá thấp nhất lịch sử
19:29:00 01/01/2023
To summarize, the Starfish Topology provides two major advantages over other swaps: Significant improvement in TVL-utilization by reducing liquidity dispersion Allows onboarding onboarding new tokens with zero collateral other than protocol tokens (e.g. No new USDC is needed to pair with a new token to provide liquidity) However, this topology can be even further enhanced by moving to a Multi-Tier Starfish Topology (MTST) as follows:

In MTST, All external tokens supported by the swap are put into 4 buckets and paired with a separate starfish tokens: Tier 1 (Paired with RADIO): Stable Coins (e.g. USDC, DAI, USDT, UST etc) and Native Blockchain Currencies (e.g. ETH, MATIC, AVAX, BNB etc). Tier 1 tokens are paired with RADIO. This is expected to be the least volatile Starfish. Tier 2 (Paired with SHACK): Blue Chips (e.g. LINK, LUNA, USV, AAVE etc). Tier 2 tokens are paired with SHACK. This tier is expected to be more volatile than Tier 1 but less volatile than the remaining 2 tiers. Tier 3 (Paired with BUILD): Mid-stage Protocols (e.g. MANA, GRT, ENJ etc). Tier 3 tokens are paired with BUILD. This tier can be quite volatile over time. Tier 4 (Paired with DREAM): Startups (e.g. ECOMM.io and more). Tier 4 tokens can have even wilder fluctuations than the previous 3 tiers, and are paired with DREAM.
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