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Shambala (BALA)Shambala BALA
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Giá Shambala (BALA) $0.000000000204
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Xếp hạng #6709
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05:37:07 10/12/2021
Giá thấp nhất lịch sử
20:23:20 31/10/2021
ROI của Shambala (BALA) -99.80%
"Shambala is a virtual world built on blockchain technology and NFTs. The core task of users is to establish a connection between people. Everyone work together to create wealth, build a human society in the center of the earth, and develop the human civilization of the world.

The Union formed between two users is the realization of the smallest scale of human society. Union is the connection point of social relationships, the amplifier of value, and the distributor of content. The countless collections of Unions with comprehensive functions and interpersonal relationships will eventually evolve into a unique decentralized ecosystem"

Every user can create a Union with others to establish an alliance relationship. Union is a "two-person ecological ball", which has multiple functions such as social interaction, NFT minting, NFT distribution, exhibition and sales. After Union is completed, users can stake the ERA Tokens and NFTs generated by the BALA, Users can Work together to increase the rate of return.


Shambala continues to design and mint a variety of NFT products in different eras, including Ore NFT (BEP-1155 format) that can be used as production materials and tools; Treasure NFT (BEP-721 format) as a high-value, hoardable asset, such as works of art, Blind boxes, IP derivatives, etc.; as well as various forms of entertainment and service NFTs as daily necessities. Various NFTs can also be used as a combination of modules and spliced into composite products to achieve more dimensional functions Union itself is an
aggregate of multiple NFT functions.

After being minted, NFTs will cooperate with BALA in Shambala and can be circulated through pricing sales, auctions, lotteries, welfare distribution, etc., and can also be traded on cooperative market platforms. Different types of NFTs have different uses and distribution methods in Shambala. The platform will continue to put various NFT items in Union. After obtaining NFTs, users have three choices:
-Collect and hold, wait for the appreciation.
-Sell ERA tokens for cash.
-Staking NFT will get ERA tokens or BALA interest income
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