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Pinkcoin (PINK)Pinkcoin PINK
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Thẻ Mineable, Hybrid - PoW & PoS, X11

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Pinkcoin describes itself as a PoS/PoW hybrid with emphasized staking features allowing developers to build donation based platforms on PINK’s network. Staked rewards can reportedly be donated to as many as 100 wallets on the network instantly and free of transaction fees. Wallets with 100,000 PINK coin blocks are able to participate in Flash Staking (FPoS 2.0), benefiting stakers with increased rewards periodically for 4 hours each day. According to the team, Flash Staking periods feature a block discovery rate that is 6x the normal PoS rate, benefiting all users with faster transaction times. The most notable platform built on the PINK network is Donate4Life, whose main goal is helping people in need by facilitating fundraising for charities and individuals via Pinkcoin's staking reward sharing platform.
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