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Immutable (DARA)Immutable DARA
Xếp hạng #4482 22:48:00 01/12/2022
Giá Immutable (DARA)
$0.03883 -5.36%
0.000002288 BTC 971 VND
Thấp: $0.03725 Cao: $0.04122
Vốn hóa thị trường - Khối lượng 24h $14,900.11 Lượng cung lưu hành -
Thay đổi 1h -0.83% Thay đổi 24h -5.36% Thay đổi 7 ngày -0.06%

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BNB Smart Chain (BEP20): 0x0255af6c9f86f6b0543357bacefa262a2664f80f

Ngày thêm vào danh sách 07:00:00 20/08/2021

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Giá Immutable (DARA) hôm nay
Giá Immutable (DARA) $0.03883
Dao động 1 giờ -0.83%
Dao động 24 giờ -5.36%
Dao động 7 ngày -0.06%
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất (24h) $0.03963 / $0.04203
Khối lượng giao dịch 24 giờ $14,900.11
Vốn hóa -
Xếp hạng #4482
Giá Immutable (DARA) hôm qua
Giá Thấp / Cao nhất hôm qua $0.03993 / $0.04216
Giá Mở / Đóng hôm qua $0.03994 / $0.04031
Dao động giá hôm qua 0.94%
Khối lượng giao dịch hôm qua $10,639.86
Nguồn cung Immutable (DARA)
Tổng DARA đang lưu hành
Tổng cung
Tổng cung tối đa 42,000,000 DARA
Lịch sử giá Immutable (DARA)
Giá Thấp / Cao 7 ngày $0.03618 / $0.04350
Giá Thấp / Cao 30 ngày $0.01086 / $0.04350
Giá Thấp / Cao 90 ngày $0.007081 / $0.04350
Giá Thấp / Cao 52 tuần $0.005205 / $0.09101
Giá cao nhất lịch sử
11:59:03 07/11/2021
Giá thấp nhất lịch sử
19:15:00 14/07/2022
The Immutable Network explores the best available tech and creates simple knowledge preservation products which everyone can use for free.

DARA is the Utility token of The Immutable Network that ushers in a new class of free product which enables people to reclaim what is rightfully theirs — words, photos, artwork — all those things that make us human.

The Immutable cherry-picks the best available technologies to create simple products anyone in the world can use for free to save their creative content forever.

The greatest barrier to entry for blockchain technology is that almost everything costs money, and is complex to use.

The Immutable solves this problem with the use of an innovative decentralized freemium model. The core features of our products, like saving to IPFS, are absolutely free. Premium features, like storing IPFS hashes to BSC or ETH, have a very small fee.

The Immutable Network has a DAO whose members vote on new product development proposals, and current product updates. The Immutable uses its DAO Fund (which starts with 10% of tokens vested over 12 months) to pay for its own IPFS cluster and fund development of new products proposed by third party developers. Therefor, The Immutable also operates as a decentralized incubator.
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