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Ethereum: 0x466912baa9430a4a460b141ee8c580d817441449

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Blockmax (OCB) claims to be a Startup project with the goal of retail payment mobilizing capital and developing services in the Crypto field and payment in life. We also corporated with America, Switzerland, Singapore and Dubai to provide applications.Blockmax focuses on payment and services in real life. OCB has contacted and negotiated with the banking system about issuing Debit card. Besides, Blockmax also developed successfully cross chain wallet that applications can be converted (SWAP) immediately
Blockmax focuses on payment and services in real life. The real value of Crypto is payment, Blockmax has contacted and negotiated with the banking system about issuing Debit card through the use of OCB token as a means of conversion and purchase from retail system. Beside that’s, Blockmax also developed successfully cross chain wallet, cross-chain wallet application that can be converted (SWAP) immidiatly on the wallet. For this application we are confident to be at the forefront.
In the long-term strategy, Blockmax will develop Blockchain 3.0 itself
and work with the Crypto Bank representative in Switzerland and will be accepted into the Cryptobank ecosystem after this process complets in the near future.
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